Being the new guy

What’s so bad about being new anywhere? I know all too well what.

Ever been new in school? Everybody else already has friends. People don’t seem interested to get to know you. They’re already busy with their own groups and their own interests. There’s no room for a newbie in their world.

I have never experienced something like that in real life, but on the net, that’s happened plenty of times. Like now, for instance. I actually have no idea where to start. Should I post another entry in my blog? Should I read other posts in other people’s blogs? Offer comments and advice? Edit my profile over and over again until I’m satisfied with the way it looks? Because of my inexperience, I often lose track of the things I should keep in mind, like why I created a blog in the first place.

Why did I? Well, to write of course. I just discovered, after my 21 years of existence on Earth, after 17 years of being able to write, after mountains of crumpled-up paper and endless cups of coffee, after hundreds of traitorous pens thrown away (especially after failing me during exams :-/ ), after countless comments that I can actually write meaningful compositions (and even more that say I suck at it), after the hated Last-summer-I-did-this essays to be submitted every June…after all that, I realized that I can write and that I even enjoy doing it.

So, to all the blogs  I’ve created and eventually abandoned, I’m truly sorry. But, the elusive silver lining presents itself and it seems that the effect of being the new guy has worn off on me, finally. I’m not gonna erase this entire blog after two or three weeks. I’m not gonna delete my entries because I fear the comments that people may leave. I’m not going to allow myself to be intimidated by all the expertly-written blogs that infest the cybercommunity. WordPress, I’m here to stay! *stampfootonthegroundnow*


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